Based from many years of constant hunger for National Basketball Association (NBA) news and updates, I have proven that the league’s official site has been the best source of NBA information.

I can say that has proven itself worthy of being the official online site of the league for many good reasons. As an official site of a professional league, the site provides its readers with up-to-date and properly written news stories and analysis. All the scores, results, awards, statistics, players, teams, and the milestones are readily accessible to this site. homepage

Having read thousands of its news articles and commentaries, the site generally observes and upholds journalism ethics and standards and there is always an effort from the site management to update any piece of information as soon as possible.

Its homepage never lacks in content and presentation. The constantly changing theme of the site gives you a general idea on the current trends and events in the league. The site also has a rich archive which allows any person to make his own research and verification on any particular NBA-related news or analysis. The site is overflowing with videos, photos, and links that guarantee a “pleasurable multimedia experience” for any viewer.

It also values interaction as it provides relevant links and entertains the feedback of its readers. Most of the comments, suggestions, and questions on a certain news article or column are entertained, answered, and published as often as possible.

Another praise-worthy reason, the site provides an entire page that links and relates the league into a the viewers locality. In my case, there is an entire page dedicated solely to past, present, and future NBA-sponsored events in my country.

So to all basketball junkies out there, here me out in saying that if you check out, you’re in for a treat!